Water, water everywhere but not sure if there is enough for us all!

So I am driving in the usual terrible traffic on I66 heading west from DC and listening to National Public Radio.

It is raining and the traffic is “expletive deleted” awful.

Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto, one of the largest agribusiness companies in the world, is being interviewed on amongst other things why Monsanto is vilified in some quarters for using genetically modified seeds for sale to their farmer customer base around the world. They do this by the way to improve yields and reduce infestation without adding anything.

I cannot do justice to the quality of the interview and his responses but it is available by podcast on NPR if you are interested.  I did take away some really important points that may be worth repeating here.

  1. Agribusiness uses 70% of the world’s potable water
  2. Food security risk for many people is so high in some places that mothers have no idea where the next meal is coming from.
  3. Sea levels are rising and gobbling up arable land and global warming is making water very scarce in many areas.

In short, as the world’s population rises, we will need to produce more food from less land, using less water and do it in an environmentally friendly way! WOW! Mr. Grant was a very eloquent spokesperson for the mission we have as a world community.

As I sit enjoying my commute from the darker regions of the universe, I realize that the current explosion in space related assets is one arrow in the world’s quiver to help address this conundrum!

Most people do not realize that:

  1. The number of atmospheric and earth observation techniques available to terrestrial industry is increasing geometrically.
  2. These techniques are cheaper than you realize to use.
  3. Private investment is flooding into these applications in unprecedented amounts
  4. These applications are here now
  5. They are reliable and commercial users have top priority in their use
  6. NASA is supportive of these efforts.

At SpaceCom 2016 on November 15 to 17 in Houston, Texas, we will unravel the conundrum and showcase how space assets can really help. DO NOT MISS OUT!

As I pull into my driveway, the Sun bursts through the clouds and I have a slight smug on my face!

See you in November!