The Light Under the Bushel

For years, technological advances made by NASA and its commercial partners in their exploration of space have benefited mankind in a myriad of ways and most people have no idea of the extent of these benefits!

Now, while I can see that getting a root canal may not be perceived as a benefit, I had to have one recently. When I got to the dentist office at 7:30 on a snowy morning in D.C., the receptionist said that the dentist was delayed in traffic. We started talking and she asked me what I was working on. When I told her about SpaceCom, her face lit up. She relayed, amongst other things, that the metal probe they use to perform root canals can bend around the nooks and crannies of the root canal itself making the whole process simpler and faster. Further, and most importantly, when the metal probe comes out of the tooth, it straightens itself and can be reused after cleaning. Turns out, NASA developed this capability in response to a need for materials that could help in re-entry from space! Who knew?

It is a testament to the success of NASA that the technologies they innovated are now seamlessly woven into the fabric of our daily lives. The array of other applications is so extensive that NASA has set up a website at spinoff.nasa.gov to showcase them all.

However, as business men and women, our understanding of —and knowledge about —space technologies is so limited they don't even factor into our R&D and product develop process.

SpaceCom is designed to educate business leaders on the tested space technologies and how to apply them to solve real life business challenges that can make a big impact on a company’s profitability. Many companies are already learning about, and adopting, these technologies in areas such as remote medicine, water purification, oil and gas exploration in harsh environments, complex communications systems and weather data reporting. Further, the recent emergence of industrial scale 3-D printing is changing manufacturing methods completely and quickly at all levels.

SpaceCom’s interactive conference program and dynamic trade show floor will provide a foundation of solid information. The event will also show you real case studies of technologies in action to inspire you about fueling new innovations in your business!

Don’t miss out! Mark your calendar and plan to join us in Houston this November.

P.S. My tooth is fine! Thanks for asking.

James Causey is the Executive Director of SpaceCom and is excited to meet you in November!