The International Space Station Brings Big Buzz and Big Science to BIO 2015

This year, the BIO International Convention will raise the bar, yet again, through a collaborative effort with CASIS and NASA to showcase space research at this year’s convention. CASIS, the nonprofit organization that manages the U.S. National Laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS), is pioneering a new wave of innovation in space research by connecting commercial R&D leaders to the world’s unique orbiting research platform. 


Currently, biosciences are a key focus area for CASIS and NASA. Studies on the ISS are leveraging space-induced accelerated phenotypes of disease and aging to explore disease mechanisms, study model organisms, identify predictive biomarkers for earlier disease diagnoses, and enhance drug development. Studies onboard also seek to improve structure-based drug design, diagnostics, and drug delivery systems by exploiting the lack of buoyancy-driven convection in microgravity. The impact of microgravity on pharmaceutical research is far ranging and has demonstrated benefits in many of these areas. Throughout the convention, CASIS and NASA will engage and educate attendees about the capabilities of the ISS National Lab and the benefits of conducting research in space.


A Conversation With Scott Kelly


NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly will join BIO 2015 on Wednesday, June 17, for a special live downlink presentation organized by NASA and CASIS. Kelly, who is currently spending a year living and working on the ISS, will chat with Greg Johnson, CASIS Executive Director and former NASA astronaut, about life in space, current research initiatives being furthered through the Year In Space mission, and the importance of space research in advancing bioscience. 


Elevate Your Science


BIO 2015 is the perfect venue to learn about new developments in R&D, and attendees will be able to speak with space research experts about the research capabilities of the space station, current investigations being conducted in space, benefits of conducting science in space, logistics involved with sending science to space and even meet a NASA astronaut! Some of the featured guests that will be at the CASIS booth (#4063) include:


Tuesday, June 16

3:00 p.m. ET

Tara Ruttley, Ph.D.

Associate Program Scientist for the International Space Station, NASA

Wednesday, June 17

3:00 p.m. ET

Michael Roberts, Ph.D.

Senior Research Pathway Manager, CASIS


Thursday, June 18

11:00 a.m. ET

Rick Mastracchio

NASA Astronaut


Additionally, at the CASIS booth there will be a representative from SpaceCom, for those interested in a more in attending a research conference dedicated strictly towards microgravity research. BIO International and SpaceCom have partnered to educate researchers on the opportunities that exist beyond our gravitational horizons. The conference is slated to be held November 17-19 in Houston, TX. For those interested, please visit www.spacecomexpo.com.    


Overall, BIO 2015 is sure to be an exciting event, complete with valuable networking, noteworthy sessions, and beneficial connections and opportunities. Through CASIS and NASA the ISS is more accessible than ever, and now a broader range of users can launch their ideas and accelerate their science. Be sure to join us for an eventful week in Philadelphia!