The Great Space Race

Call it Space Race 2.0. Call it the Next Space Race. Call it what you will, but the fact is – the space industry has boomed with private investments. According to The Space Foundation, global space activity totaled $314.17B in 2013, where commercially-funded space products and services represented more than 75 percent.

Recently, Bloomberg Business, Fortune, and Washington Post have written articles focused on the commercialization of space. Many articles are comparing this time for Space to the Internet boom in the 90s. The Fortune article notes that “the companies capable of connecting the [how space technology will affect corporations like Coca-Cola and Walmart] dots will be able to capture tremendous financial growth opportunities. Those who fail to understand that connection to their very terrestrial business models could end up on the wrong side of financial evolution in the next decade.”

In order for these companies to realize how space technologies can apply to them and give them a business advantage – they need to be at SpaceCom. SpaceCom will bring together leaders from across the aerospace, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, medical and transportation industries for three days of interactive discussions focused on space commercialization and actionable ways it will enhance their businesses.

As the article said “if you’re not thinking about how space access impacts your business and how to leverage it to your advantage, you’re setting yourself up as the Barnes and Noble  to someone else’s Amazon.”