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The Aerospace Industries Association advocates on behalf of America’s aerospace and defense industry for policies and investments that keep our country strong, bolster our capacity to innovate, and spur our economic growth. Today, nearly 340 companies are members of the association, embodying every high-tech manufacturing segment of the industry. Aerospace and defense is at the heart of the American economy, generating $929 billion in economic output and a trade surplus of nearly $90 billion in 2018 – the largest of any U.S. exporting sector. We are supported by over 2.5 million dedicated employees who are responsible for the continuous stream of innovations that improve American lives.


Angelus Funding's core belief is that a great idea will always find funding, even during challenging economic times. Members are professionals from the financial, technology, medical and legal industries, providing a uniquely diverse investor base.  This group is able to evaluate a broad range of opportunities across multiple disciplines and can leverage the expertise of other members within the network.


The Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-government, non-for-profit, voluntary membership organization of businesses and professional founded in 2015 with headquarters in Houston, Texas and connections in the main Texan and Argentinean Cities promoting opportunities between Argentina – the 3rd Latin American Economy – and Texas – 10th largest economy in the world – for the following business sectors: Agriculture, Business services, Retail, Education, Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Technology, Logistics, Tourism and Real Estate.


Since 1976, the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership has been dedicated to defining the future for the people who live and work in its service area of southeast Texas. Utilizing a collaborative committee structure, we engage approximately 270 investor companies, business professionals, local governments, and educational institutions to bring about prosperity and a high quality of life. Leadership is a quality that defines the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership. We are trusted to provide exceptional leadership in advocating for regional economic interests, innovative partnerships, and collaborations.


Propulsion reimagined for small satellite applications.

At Benchmark Space our mission is to improve yours. Our team is focused on providing the most cost-effective propulsion solution for your Small Satellite mission needs, from simple orbit adjustments and regulatory compliance to high-agility maneuvers and RPO. Our patented and proprietary innovations have been specifically designed to improve safety and capability for spacecraft ranging from 3U through ESPA class. Please visit booth #450 to see our display hardware and discuss how we can deliver More Mission for Less Cost. Product information available @


A partnership between the International Space University and Florida Tech, the Commercial Space Studies graduate certificate complements existing masters-level programs in engineering, business and social sciences. Gain rigorous, practical training in space finance, policy, management, technology and entrepreneurship.

This space-focused, multidisciplinary program is only graduate-level certificate of its kind in the U.S. This four-course, summer intensive zeroes in on the nuances of space finance, policy, management, technology and entrepreneurship. Graduate students and young professionals from around the world will gain valuable academic & real-world insight to spark economic innovation in the fast-emerging commercial space industry.


The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is the leading voice for the commercial spaceflight industry. Founded in 2006, CSF and its 80+ members are laying the foundation for a sustainable space economy and democratizing access to space for scientists, students, civilians, and businesses. CSF members are responsible for the creation of thousands of high-tech jobs driven by billions of dollars in investment. Through the promotion of technology innovation, CSF is guiding the expansion of Earth’s economic sphere, bolstering U.S. leadership in aerospace, and inspiring America’s next generation of engineers and explorers.


Geeks Without Frontiers’ vision and mission is to bring the benefits of internet connectivity to the estimated 3.5 billion people who remain unconnected to help close the Digital Divide and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), including improved standards of health, education and social and economic well-being.


GHMA's mission is to promote the common interest of the manufacturing industry and developing resources that benefits our members. GHMA's vision is to be the primary collaboration point for information sharing, advocacy and assistance to promote manufacturing growth and innovation in the global economy.


The International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to furthering international cooperation and scientific advancement in the field of space systems safety. IAASS is a member of the International Astronautical Federation and has Observer status at the United Nations’ Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

The Association exists to help shape and advance an international culture of space safety to make space missions, vehicles, stations, extraterrestrial habitats, equipment and payloads safer for the general public, ground personnel, crews and flight participants. The Association also pursues the safeguarding and sustainability of the on-orbit environment to allow unimpeded access to space by future generations.

IAASS membership is open to anyone having a professional interest in space safety.


Go Use It. We’ll Get You There: the ISPCS 2019 theme & agenda address the state of the commercial space industry at the time of the conference. The full agenda is online. Today, the commercial space industry provides commercial human spaceflight opportunity & ISS resupply through multiple launch providers. The US now has 12 FAA licensed spaceports, so the growing user community can depend on cost effective, easy access to commercial launch sites & operators. ISPCS was the first and still is the leading commercial space industry meeting. Learn what the near future holds for our community. Join us at ISPCS 2019, October 9-10 om Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.


The website My Dear Drone understands the significance of the drone innovation. They see the enormous possibilities that drones can have for human kind. Drones could help save lives. On the website you will find all the information and all the latest technology around drones. A website that every drone-lover should definitely keep an eye on!


New Space is the only international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to academic, industry, and government contributions to space entrepreneurship and innovation. Featuring world-class content that covers innovative and expanding applications at the intersection of space science, engineering, policy, and business, the Journal encourages the growth of rapidly expanding enterprises and products that will advance knowledge, benefit society and improve the way we live. New Space is the forum in which innovative applications of new space-based technologies and initiatives will be discovered, identified, discussed, and applied.


Paragon Space Development Corporation has been an innovator and trusted leader in providing life support and thermal control solutions in extreme environments for decades.  Our solutions – including spacecraft life support systems, thermal control radiators, and next generation cooling systems – support mission critical operations for space, military, and commercial customers around the world.   We have worked on every major human space flight program since 1993 and our hardware has flown on NASA spacecraft (Orion, Space Shuttle, & ISS), foreign spacecraft (Progress & Mir), and commercial spacecraft.  Paragon continues to design, test and develop critical life support systems for customers well into the 21st Century.


Parsons is a digitally enabled solutions provider focused on the defense, security, and infrastructure markets. With nearly 75 years of experience, Parsons is uniquely qualified to deliver cyber/converged security, technology-based intellectual property, and other innovative services to federal, regional, and local government agencies, as well as to private industrial customers worldwide. For more about Parsons, visit, and follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. is the premier source of space exploration, innovation and astronomy news, chronicling (and celebrating) humanity's ongoing expansion across the final frontier. We transport our visitors across the solar system and beyond through accessible, comprehensive coverage of the latest news and discoveries. For us, exploring space is as much about the journey as it is the destination. So from skywatching guides and stunning photos of the night sky to rocket launches and breaking news of robotic probes visiting other planets, at you'll find something amazing every day.


SpaceFlight Insider produces content on a daily basis; this includes expertly-written articles, photo features, video packages as well as live webcasts. Our content is produced by a team of 40 highly-skilled and loyal staff. Whether it’s reading up on the latest events, reviewing stats on different rockets and spacecraft, checking up on the latest launch dates, enjoying gorgeous imagery or tuning in live – SpaceFlight Insider provides our viewers with all of the space information they need in one central location.


Established in 1989, SpaceNews is most trusted and comprehensive source of news and analysis of the programs, policies, companies and technologies shaping the global space industry. Space professionals rely on our experienced reporters to deliver timely, accurate and engaging coverage of civil, military and commercial space programs.


Spaceport Camden is a proposed vertical launch site with a space legacy and ideal location on the coast of Georgia, bordering northeast Florida.
Spaceport Camden’s southerly latitude and favorable launch azimuths enables the cost-effective launch of spacecraft to a wide range of orbits. Spaceport Camden will be the only exclusively vertical, non-federal range on the East Coast.
Spaceport Camden is located in the heart of the Southeast aerospace cluster providing ready access to cutting-edge space research and technology including Georgia Tech University which annually graduates more than 200 students with interests in space systems engineering and space science.


The Technology Collaboration Center is an independent 501c3 non-profit partnership between industry, universities and the NASA Johnson Space Center, with the mission of solving difficult technology problems through innovative solutions connecting collaboration partners across technology sectors.  The TCC hosts technology workshops and onsite seminars, exploring areas with potential for cross-sector collaboration.  The TCC’s collaboration programs help organizations find collaboration partners and establish new partnerships.  As a member-driven organization, the TCC’s programs are focused on providing value to members and the community, evolving to meet member changing needs.