An Out-Of-This-World Success

When we set out to have SpaceCom 2015, we expected that as a first year show, we would run into some problems. So we set our overall metrics for success quite conservatively.

Never did we imagine that we would fill the conference room and even have to expand it to accommodate the enthusiastic registration levels we achieved.

Stuart Martin, CEO of Satellite Catapult was our keynote on day 2 and in his opening remarks he said, “In the last 24 hours, SpaceCom has become the premier event in the space commerce industry.”

It is a true testament to the important role that the intersection of aerospace and terrestrial industry is playing in today’s world that over 1,700 business executives gathered to collaborate on these opportunities.

Not really surprising as, SpaceCom is designed to help create a sustainable commercial market sector that is not reliant on NASA or government to be the primary customer.

We had over 34 countries participate and received more than 500 media references from around the world. We really blew it out of the park.

One of the owner’s was overheard saying, “Normally on the second day of an event like this we are already saying, Don’t worry it will be better next year!” That was not the case last year as the first SpaceCom was already being touted a tremendous success.

The momentum we created places a burden on us to achieve even more as we plan for 2016.

But we have already made an enormous advancement for 2016. The entire event will be on the same floor. Conference, Exhibition Hall, Break-out Rooms and lunches all within earshot; not a driver and then a five iron away as we were forced into in 2015.

Looking forward already to next year when I will tell you about how exciting SpaceCom 2016 is going to be!

See you all then.