FEB. 21–23, 2023


Signage Opportunities

Signage is a way to demonstrate your dedication to the event, your organization and the industry. Plus, signage has been proven to drive traffic and awareness of your brand! Options include large and small banners, column wraps, door clings and more. There are options for every budget and you can reserve your signage without picking up the phone!

To learn more about each option, or to purchase, click on the corresponding image.


Banner L2-66
Banner L2-68A
Banner L2-68B
Banner L2-69A
Banner L2-69B
Banner L2-69C
Banner L2-70A
Banner L2-70D 1
Banner L2-70D-2
Banner L2-70D-3
Banner L2-70D-4
Banner L2-70D-5
Banner L2-70D-6
Banner L2-70D-7
Banner L2-70E
Banner L2-70F
Banner L2-70G
Banner L2-70H-1
Banner L2-70H-2
Banner L2-70H-3
Banner L2-70H-4
Banner L2-70H-5
Banner L2-70H-6
Banner L2-70H-7

Column Wraps

Column Wrap L2-70CW1
Column Wrap L2-70CW2
Column Wrap L2-70CW3
Column Wrap L2-70CW4

Door Clings

Door Clings L2-66D
Door Clings L2-68D

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