SES Calendar of Events

July 22
1:00 pm Eastern
SES Live: Overview of the 2020 SES Program
(free event – open to all)
Update on Investment in Commercial Space Sector – COVID19
Overview of SES Summit
Special Guest Speakers:
Stephan Reckie, Founding Managing Member, Angelus Funding
Steven Gonzalez, Technology Transfer Strategist at NASA Johnson Space Center
Kelly Larson, CEO, Aquarian Devices
Shahreen Reza, CEO, Mission: Space Food
August 11
1:00 pm Eastern
SES: Live Space Entrepreneurship (free event – open to all)
Entrepreneur Focus – Startup Success Story
Special Guest Speakers:
Stephan Reckie, Founding Managing Member, Angelus Funding
Ken Shields, Acting Executive Director, ISSNL
Don Pickering, CEO, Olis Robotics
September 1
1:00 pm Eastern
SES Live: Space Investing (free event – open to all)
Investor Focus – Lessons from a Venture Capitalist
Sunil Nagaraj, Founder and Managing Partner, Ubiquity Ventures and Former venture capitalist with Bessemer
January 18, 2021 SES Application Submission and Payment Deadline
February 1-4, 2021
11:00 am – 1:30 pm Eastern
Online Skill Building Workshop Week (SES registrants only)
SES participants and attendees will have the opportunity to attend four 90 minute interactive on-line meetings which will include breakout groups, exercises, and homework. The workshops will collectively cover the major aspects of space entrepreneurship, such as: Opportunities, Marketing, Fund Raising, and Presentation Skills.
February 1 – Day 1: State of Space Entrepreneurship & Opportunities
February 2 – Day 2: Marketing & the You Value Proposition
February 3 – Day 3: Fund Raising – Attracting Private and Public Capital
February 4 – Day 4: Delivering the Pitch
February 8-11, 2021
10:00 am – 2:00 pm Eastern
Mentor Week (SES registrants only)
All participating companies will be given access to a single two-hour small group mentoring session, run by a startup expert who will act as a coach. Prior to this session, each company must have prepared a one-minute pitch. During this interactive session, each company will be asked to present their one-minute pitch and will be provided with feedback by the coach.
February 18, 2021
11:00 am – 1:00 pm Eastern
Grand Finale and Award Ceremony (SES registrants only)
Finalists must be prepared to give a 5-minute live pitch on February 18 before a virtual panel of judges. The winning company will be announced and presented its award.