SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit 2020

2019 SES Participants

The SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit (SES) has become an influential force in the global space community. In the past five years, over 150 companies have participated in SES events that has become the largest space entrepreneurship competition in the world. Many of the SES graduates have gone on to great success. 

At the heart of SES is the Entrepreneur Challenge, where new space companies from around the world will compete for prizes based on the quality of their business plan and funding pitches. The deadline to apply is January 18, 2021.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, this year's SES will be take place online. This virtual format will increase access to the Challenge and program for entrepreneurs from around the world.

This virtual format allows for a significant increase in the programming available to participants. In fact, this year SES offers over 14 hours of programs, workshops, and mentoring to help participants build skills and confidence that will boost their potential for success and fundraising.

As a registrant, participants (competitors and observers) will have access to the following:

  • SES Entrepreneur Challenge Participation
  • SES Live: Space Entrepreneurs on the Rise — November 19
  • SES Live (for Registrants only) — January 26, 2021
  • SES Online Skill Building Workshop Week — February 1-4, 2021, 11 am to 1:30 pm EST
  • SES Mentor Week — February 8-11
  • Grand Finale and Award Ceremony — February 18, 2021, 11 am EST

Note: Schedule updated as of 10/28/2020


Competitors can win prizes worth over $200,000 which include:

  • Dedicated coaching & mentoring for the winner with a personalized dream team
  • Amazon Web Services’ credits
  • 90% discount on HubSpot for the first year
  • Discounts on Twilio

2020 SES Judges & Mentors

Robert Aillon, Leviathan Space
Andrew Aldrin, Florida Institute of Technology
Capt. Franz Almeida, SP8CEVC
Roger Anderson, Air Force Research Lab
Tejpaul Bhatia, Google
Severin Blenkush, SpaceWERX
Mark Boggett, Seraphim Capital
Ross Burgon, SPRINT/University of Leicester, UK
Sean Casey, Silicon Valley Space Center
Anilkumar Dave, Italian Space Agency
Hoyt Davidson, NearEarth LLC
Andre Doumitt, The Aerospace Corporation
Juliana Garaizar, Greentown Labs
Rich Godwin, Spacetech Holdings
Steven Gonzalez, Seldor Capital
Ed Harris, Keck Observatory
Matt Harris, Draper Associates
Greg Johnson, Former NASA Astronaut
Srinivas Kollpara, GEN India
Matt Kozlov, Techstars
Andrus Kurvits, ESA BIC Estonia
Ben Lamm, Hypergiant
Eva-Jane Lark, BMO Nesbitt Burns

Eric Lo, Booz Allen
Kirk Ludwick, Astropreneurs Limited
Robert Lugowski
, Cobin Angels
Michael Mealling, Starbridge Ventures
Troy McCann, 
Maj. Thomas McNitt, SpaceWERX
Josephine Millward, Seraphim Capital
Gabe Mounce, SpaceWERX
Michael Moreno, Amazon Web Services
Sunil Nagaraj, Ubiquity Ventures
Sidney Nakahodo, New York Space Alliance
Maj. Ryan Pennington, SpaceWERX
Jill Reckie, Perceptions Matter
Stephan Reckie, Angelus Funding
Frank Salzgeber, European Space Agency
Brandon Seifert, GEN Space
Oluseye Soyode-Johnson, GEN Space, Africa Ambassador
Dylan Taylor, Voyager Space Holdings
Matt Thompkins, The Aerospace Corporation
Patricia Tomczyszyn, US Commerce Department
Rodrigo Villa, Starbridge Ventures
Xiaoming Yin, Lockheed Martin Space 
Myrna James Yoo, Apogeo Spatial

The Value of Participating in the SES Program

SES has two types of participants, qualified entrepreneurial companies (competitors) and entities that provide funding and services or even start-up companies that do not want to participate in the program (observers).

Value to Startup Competitors 

  1. Participate in SES Entrepreneur Challenge and Win prizes!
  2. Receive best practice and helpful tips from SES graduates
  3. Meeting and feedback with potential funding sources
  4. Access to SES Live’s four online programs
  5. Participation in the SES Online Skill Building Workshop Week – 4-day program
  6. Personal networking with a mentor during SES Mentor Week
  7. Posting on SES website of 1-minute virtual elevator pitch prepared as part of registration
  8. Posting on SES website of 1-minute virtual elevator pitch prepared as a result of the program
  9. Finalists will have a 5-minute virtual pitch posted on the SES website
  10. Inclusion of your company in the SpaceCom Marketplace, a robust database of companies in the commercial space sector accessed by thousands of SpaceCom registrants
  11. Exposure through partnership with GEN Space, an international entrepreneur network covering 170 countries
  12. Media coverage via press releases, newsletter stories, invited media, and international media
  13. Certificate of course completion

Registration fee: $295 per company.

Value to Observers

  1. Access to all online programming, including workshop and featured presentations
  2. Access to live virtual startup pitches
  3. Access to all SES participants

Depending on interest and need, additional opportunities may include:

  1. Opportunity to be a presenter on the Online Skill Building Workshop
  2. Opportunity to provide one-on-one mentoring of startups
  3. Opportunity to be a Challenge judge
  4. Inclusion of your company in the SpaceCom Marketplace, a robust database of companies in the commercial space sector accessed by thousands of SpaceCom registrants

 Registration fee: $450 per individual.

Images from SES 2019

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