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FEBRUARY 21-23 2023

Negar Feher

Negar Feher
VP of Business Development, Momentus

Over the last 15 years, I have worked in multiple exciting disciplines to advance our understanding and progress towards human ingenuity in space. As a Thermal and Mechanical Test engineer with Lockheed Martin Space Systems I performed all the assembly integration and testing on numerous communication satellites to prepare them for launching to space. While pursuing my career, I joined the local chapter of the Society of Women Engineers as President for the Santa Clara chapter. For two years there, I was responsible for overseeing all the activities of the section which included career development events, scholarship administration, outreach to K-12 and community service. At SSL, I managed our solar panel product line, performed R&D on composite sandwich structures and designed and tested solar arrays. I co-founded a new business unit at SSL called Strategic Ventures to deliver products and services to emerging markets to diversify the company beyond the GEO communication satellite market. After working in Product strategy at SSL, I moved into Business Development for a new division initiated to provide Small Satellites to the market. Now, with in-space transportation company Momentus, I’ve turned my product and management experience into business development growth opportunities for a pioneering newspace company. I push to continually improve, define and build teams. Collaboration is in my blood and the sky is the limit.