FEB. 21–23, 2023


NASA vs Tropical Storm Harvey

NASA is taking direct action to alleviate the devastation left by Tropical Storm Harvey in the Houston area. Using an array of satellite data harnessed by the Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA is able to ensure that their partners are responding effectively to the area wide emergency.

Prior to the storm’s landing on Wednesday, NASA was able to see the coldest cloud top temperatures of the storm and predict areas of intense precipitation. NASA was also able to determine the level of flood threat around Houston using its Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) aboard the Aqua satellite.

NASA and their partners are now assisting the U.S. Coast Guard with emergency relief using heat maps to locate flood victims trapped in the aftermath of the storm.

If you would like to help Houston and the flood victims, we encourage our friends of SpaceCom to visit RedCross.org and consider a donation for those in need.