My love of wine and my wife’s allergy to mold! What is the common thread?

Space technology and NASA to the rescue!

For astronauts to stay in space over extended periods it is necessary to grow plants & vegetables in closed environments. A lesson learned in these efforts was that as vegetables and fruit ripen they emit ethylene gas. In an enclosed small area, the increasing concentration of ethylene will kill the plants.

To solve this problem, NASA developed a catalytic filter system to remove the ethylene. It was soon recognized that the filter system could also remove toxins, mold and other impurities from the environment.

Wine cellars are controlled temperature environments that can be a breeding ground for mold which if not dealt with can even effect the taste of the wine! The new filter system developed for space agriculture solved this problem and is even now in use in homes and medical facilities!

Akida Holdings developed the filter system, Aerocide.

My pinot noir tastes great!  Thank you Akida and NASA.

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