FEB. 21–23, 2023


Floating Towards Space Tourism

For a ticket price of $75,000, tourists may soon be able to float into the Earth’s stratosphere on a balloon. World View Enterprises, the company behind this bound in space tourism, is currently testing their balloon ferried capsules which will be able to carry a crew of eight comfortably to the edge of space.

This tourism balloon program has been dubbed “Voyager” and will allow its passengers to see the curvature of the planet through giant capsule windows. The capsules will also come complete with a small bar, a bathroom, and Wi-Fi allowing passengers to post pictures of the spectacular view on social media.

World View’s vision doesn’t stop at just transporting people into the stratosphere. The company also has plans to launch a series of scientific “stratollites” used for communications, remote sensing, weather research, and disaster evacuation efforts. These stratollites will maintain altitude using directional winds and will be able to hover up to a year.

The company has already held 50 stratospheric flight tests and has plans to continue launches from their new headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

If World View is able to accomplish their goal, it would essentially create a leisure industry for the stratosphere and space. This would undoubtedly encourage similar companies to share in the goal of sending tourists further than they have ever gone before.

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