David Steitz
NASA Deputy Chief Technologist, Chief of Staff

David Steitz is NASA’s Deputy Chief Technologist, responsible for the management and programs within the Office of the Chief Technologist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Steitz directs the work of the strategic integration and innovation teams within the office, coordinating policy guidance and tracking technology investments across the agency while working to foster and infuse a culture of innovation throughout NASA. Steitz represents the office on several agency senior management councils, contributing to agency policy development and guidance. In addition, Steitz is Chief of Staff for the office, serving as communications director and senior advisor to the Chief Technologist. Steitz directs office operations, including workforce and resources management of the Headquarters and field center staff. Steitz previously served in several NASA Office of Communications spokesperson and leadership positions, including lead communications strategist for NASA's Journey to Mars. Before joining NASA in 1990, Steitz was Vice President of Survey Research Corporation (SRC), a public opinion research firm, managing leadership and securities analyst studies for Fortune 100 companies.