22Sep 2015

My love of wine and my wife’s allergy to mold! What is the common thread? Space technology and NASA to the rescue! For astronauts to stay in space over extended periods it is necessary to grow plants & vegetables in closed environments. A lesson learned in these efforts was that as vegetables and fruit ripen
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02Aug 2015

Investing in Space is hot.  Witness PlanetLabs with a recent transaction setting their value at $1.2 billion, OneWeb raising $500 million from a blue chip set of strategic investors, Google buying SkyBox Imaging for $500 million and investing a billion dollars in SpaceX, Spire collecting more top tier venture capital investors like Bessemer, and UrtheCast
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29Jun 2015

As I have delved into the relationship between everyday life and how it is affected by the research done by NASA and its partners within our solar system, I am consistently surprised. My wife will tell you that I do enjoy a glass or two of pinot noir and while I used to be a
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19May 2015

I first became an avid golfer about the time Alan Shepard was swinging at golf balls on the Moon during his Apollo 14 mission. To say I love golf is quite frankly a bit of an understatement. My wife would say I love it more than…..well I better not say or I will get myself
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24Apr 2015

For years, technological advances made by NASA and its commercial partners in their exploration of space have benefited mankind in a myriad of ways and most people have no idea of the extent of these benefits! Now, while I can see that getting a root canal may not be perceived as a benefit, I had
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27Mar 2015

The Space Industry and the world are abuzz for the most complex experiment on the space station ever. Today, Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko, AKA the One Year Crew, will begin a year-long mission at the International Space Station (ISS), resulting in the longest stay by an astronaut on the ISS. As manned space missions venture beyond Earth’s
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10Mar 2015

Last week, I had the exciting opportunity to participate in the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Digital Energy Conference in Houston, Texas.  It was a terrific session fueled by a profusion of collaboration and dialogue. One particular highlight was the sharing and communication that took place across multiple industries.  In addition to established O&G industry experts,
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13Feb 2015

Call it Space Race 2.0. Call it the Next Space Race. Call it what you will, but the fact is – the space industry has boomed with private investments. According to The Space Foundation, global space activity totaled $314.17B in 2013, where commercially-funded space products and services represented more than 75 percent. Recently, Bloomberg Business, Fortune, and Washington
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