20Jul 2017

For those in the synthetic biology space, the 2017 BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology is a must. This year’s World Congress will feature a 7-session Synthetic Biology track, featuring more than two dozen speakers – from scientists and academics to company executives. A Monday morning session on “Utilizing Synthetic Biology to Address Global Challenges”
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10Jul 2017

In just three years, we may very well have our first permanent colony on the Moon. Feeding into the excitement about space exploration consistently building over the past decade, Jeffrey Bezos, (founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, has announced the ambitious goal of establishing a human settlement on the Moon by 2020. As Bezos stated,
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03Jul 2017

SpaceX is continuing to prove that it is feasible for the human race to be a multi planetary species. With plans to create a sustainable mode of transportation from Earth to the moon and Mars, to create space tourism, and eventually lead colonization efforts, SpaceX is continually pushing the boundaries of space exploration. Only a
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29Aug 2016

Beginning in 2013, teachers and students at Awty International School in Houston helped pave the way for area schools to become participants in the emerging commercial space industry… and to help make Houston a leader in encouraging students to consider STEM careers by using the excitement of space flight to inspire. Sponsored by a diverse
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13Jul 2016

The growth in the number and availability of commercial suborbital launch vehicles is allowing a new generation of students and teachers in a variety of education settings – K-12 schools, colleges and universities, museums and nonprofits – to fly and operate experiments in space. Access to flight opportunities has been difficult historically, and prohibitively expensive
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18Apr 2016

For those of you have met me, you will know that I am from the UK and “over there” we drink a lot of beer. To be fair, it is at cellar temperature and does not have any carbonation. The lager industry and the U.S. beer market are entirely different. In the U.S., it is
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11Dec 2015

When we set out to have SpaceCom 2015, we expected that as a first year show, we would run into some problems. So we set our overall metrics for success quite conservatively. Never did we imagine that we would fill the conference room and even have to expand it to accommodate the enthusiastic registration levels
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06Nov 2015

Space activity in the 21st Century is a partnership between exploration and utilization:  a partnership that creates new knowledge simultaneously with new opportunities. The knowledge and experience we have established through six decades of space exploration forms the basis for a number of applications useful in other industry sectors. There are many examples of how space
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20Oct 2015

It is hard to believe the SpaceCom is a mere month away! With the anticipation building — and so many things to see, do and experience — we’ve made it easy for you to plan your trip by mapping out the top 10 things to do while at SpaceCom: CONNECT.  You will have the opportunity to engage
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