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For a ticket price of $75,000, tourists may soon be able to float into the Earth’s stratosphere on a balloon. World View Enterprises, the company behind this bound in space tourism, is currently testing their balloon ferried capsules which will be able to carry a crew of eight comfortably to the edge of space. This
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NASA is taking direct action to alleviate the devastation left by Tropical Storm Harvey in the Houston area. Using an array of satellite data harnessed by the Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA is able to ensure that their partners are responding effectively to the area wide emergency. Prior to the storm’s landing on Wednesday, NASA
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To our SpaceCom Community, citizens’ of Texas, and surrounding States. We want to extend our thoughts and prayers to all affected by Hurricane Harvey! Your spirit, selflessness, and courage will carry you through! – The SpaceCom Team

Within the next decade, we may witness the world’s first space mining operation. With the renewed interest in space colonization propagated by visionaries such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, Middle Eastern oil states are looking to take part as well. These oil states understand gas will not last forever and hope to diversify their
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As SpaceX and Blue Origin push the boundaries of space exploration, NASA satellite imagery is revolutionizing sustainability efforts back on Earth. A recent analytics report from IBM and E. & J. Gallo Winery showed that satellite imagery combined with IBM Watson intelligence reduces water usage by 16% while improving the quality of the grapes grown.
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In just three years, we may very well have our first permanent colony on the Moon. Feeding into the excitement about space exploration consistently building over the past decade, Jeffrey Bezos, (founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, has announced the ambitious goal of establishing a human settlement on the Moon by 2020. As Bezos stated,
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SpaceX is continuing to prove that it is feasible for the human race to be a multi planetary species. With plans to create a sustainable mode of transportation from Earth to the moon and Mars, to create space tourism, and eventually lead colonization efforts, SpaceX is continually pushing the boundaries of space exploration. Only a
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