FEB. 21–23, 2023


Rose Grymes

Rosalind (Rose) Grymes joined NASA in 1991 after receiving her doctorate in molecular biology and completing her postdoctoral studies in Stanford University’s School of Medicine. She began her NASA career at Ames Research Center as a principal investigator in Cell and Molecular Biology and later changed her career path to science management. Dr. Grymes joined the NASA Astrobiology Institute  (NAI) in 1998 during its start-up phase, becoming Deputy (and later Executive) Director. At NAI she initiated a variety of innovative programs, including the Institute’s international partners program. Upon leaving NAI, in 2006 Dr. Grymes became the founding Director of the Advanced Studies Laboratories (ASL); a landmark partnership between two technology and research powerhouses: one federal (NASA Ames) and one state-based (University of California/UC). More than a dozen groups; commercial, academic, domestic and international; were selected for membership in ASL with research ranging from planetary exploration, energy generation and storage, advanced materials/nanotechnology, and water recycling.

Dr. Grymes combined her backgrounds from NAI and ASL (astrobiology and materials/energy/resource management) into a focus on sustainability. She has led the initiation of partnerships between NASA and other organizations with this focus, and was recognized in 2016 with the Presidential Sustainability Hero Award. She has been honored with NASA’s Exceptional Service and Outstanding Leadership Medals. In 2013 Dr. Grymes joined the senior leadership of the new Partnerships Directorate at NASA in Silicon Valley, and today  its Director (Acting).