JANUARY 10–12, 2022

Conference Overview

Developed in partnership with the 48th Spaceport Summit, expect an enhanced, progressive program that provides the latest-breaking big picture perspectives and critical industry outlooks. This exciting partnership with the 48th Spaceport Summit, and the move to the Space Coast, brings us access to new speakers from various agencies, progressive organizations, and beyond.

Participate in formalized sessions, high-profile keynote presentations, dynamic round-table discussions and breakout sessions.

  • On-Planet Industry Applications
  • Off-Planet Commercialization
  • Space Exploration
  • Enabling Commercial Space

The growing space infrastructure is allowing us to turn inward and leverage new technologies to enable global connectivity and mobility, create sustainable solutions, combat climate change, and more. Expect to dive deep into how we can use space-based assets to enable progress and innovation on-earth.

Sessions include:

  • Space’s Role in Impacting Climate Change
  • Satellites-as-a-Service (SaaS) Growth Trends
  • Making Cities Smarter
  • Dual-Use Technologies
  • GPS Meets AI – Automating Transportation & Navigation

The opportunity for lucrative ventures in space is boundless. This collection of sessions focuses on near future, off-planet space projects from concept to investment to execution. Learn how you can capitalize on the opportunities now and in the future.

Sessions include:

  • Securing the Commercial Space Domain
  • 2022 Commercial Space Investment Outlook
  • The Future of the Space Station
  • Clearing the Way for Maximum Launch Cadence
  • Cleaning Up the Space Junk

Focused on missions beyond LEO, this track will touch on the projects that are advancing humanity’s presence and reach in space. You’ll hear about what we’ve learned in the first commercial launches and space flights in 2021, NASA’s plans to return to the moon, the mission to Mars, and beyond.

Sessions include:

  • The Return to the Moon
  • Getting to Mars
  • What’s Next? Venus and Beyond
  • Maximizing Human Performance in Space
  • Inspiration4 Lessons Learned

Developing a global infrastructure to support space operations is critical to the continued growth of the commercial space market. Hear from the FAA, the National Space Council, International agency leaders, and more on how they are collaborating and powering the future of commercial space.

Sessions include:

  • Aerospace Workforce Development
  • Spaceport Legislation and Licensing
  • Spaceports Around the Nation
  • International Cooperation Initiatives