FEB. 21–23, 2023


2023 Speakers

Session Speakers

Mike Allen

Global Vice President, Innovation, Beyond Gravity USA, Inc.

Justin Annibali

CEO, Global Space Exchange, Inc. 

Brian Barnett

CEO and Founder, Solstar Space Company

Mattias Bergstrom

Lead Product Architect

Mark Boggett

CEO, Seraphim Space

Kevin Brown

Senior Vice President of Space Prep, All Points

Marilyn Bruno

CEO, Aequor, Inc.

Shelli Brunswick

COO, Space Foundation

Burton Catledge

CEO, Launch On Demand

Bradley Cheetham

CEO, Advanced Space, LLC

David Chesny

Chief Scientist, SpaceWave, LLC

Dan Ciccateri

Vice President and General Manager, Launch Support Services, All Points

Dan Clayton

Space Nuclear Launch Safety Project Manager, Sandia National Laboratories

Damon Curry

Business Development Manager, Pitch Technologies

John Dargin

Founder and President, Ironstar Engineering

Ken Davidian

Federal Aviation Administration

Ryan Denton

Mechanical Engineer, RS&H

Casey DeRaad

CEO and Founder, NewSpace New Mexico

Kim Ellis Hayes 

CEO, Hayes Group LLC

Daniel Engelhart

Research Scientist, Hedgefog Research, Inc. 

Patrick Ferrell

Senior Engineer, re:3D Inc.

Araz Feyzi

CEO and Co-founder, Kayhan Space

Barry Finger

Vice President & Chief Engineer, Paragon Space Development Corporation

Dennis Gatens

CEO and Founder, LEOcloud, Inc.

Brian Geisel

CEO, Geisel Software

Luciano Giesso

International Sales Director, Satellogic

Jacqueline Good

CEO and Founder, Magnestar Inc.

Jack Gregg

Adjunct Professor and Author, Whittier College

Scott Hanson

Chief Financial Officer, Burgoon Company

Maria Harney

Psychiatrist and Scientist, www.MMAARS.com

Gregory Heckler

Acting Director of the Commercial Services Office, NASA SCaN

Siamak Hesar

CEO and Co-founder, Kayhan Space Corp

Mahantesh Hiremath

Vice President, SC Solutions

Elizabeth Huy 

Vice President of Service Lines, Alluvionic, Inc.

Susan Jewell 

CEO, AvatarMEDIC Inc.

Emmy Jewell

CTO and Co-founder, AvatarMEDIC Inc. 

Dan Katz

CEO and Co-founder, Relativity Ventures

George Kiersted 

President and CEO, ECURON, Inc. 

Joseph Kroener 

Director, NASA Partnership Office, NASA

Lisa Kuo

Vice President of Strategic Sales, Ramon.Space

Theo Laughner

Director of Engineering and Geospatial Services, Lifescale Analytics

Austin Link 

Co-founder, Starfish Space

Steve Lloyd

Chief Development Office, All Points

Mark Lombardi

Satellite and Space Workflow Solutions Architect, Keysight Technologies

Kathryn Lueders 

Associate Administrator for Space Operations, NASA

Tom Marotta 

CEO and Founder, The Spaceport Company

Cherie Matthew

Architect, Jacobs

Bjorn Moller

President, Pitch Technologies

Dr. George Nield

President, Commercial Space Technologies, LLC

Naushad Raman 

CEO, Delta-V-Robotics

Brian Rider

CTO, LeoStella

Erica Rodgers

Science & Technology Partnership Lead, Office of Technology, Policy, & Strategy

Raphael Roettgen

Partner, E2MC Ventures

Erik Seedhouse 

Associate Professor, Space Operations, Embry Riddle

Pratish Shah


Ken Shields

Senior Director, Business Development-Commercial Markets, Sierra Space Corp

Andrew Shields

President, Naut Normal

Frank Slazer

President and CEO, Coalition for Deep Space Exploration

Ben Stanley

Researcher, Stevens Institute of Technology

Janice Starzyk

Vice President of Government Operations, Virgin Orbit

Melanie Stricklan

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Slingshot Aerospace

Melissa Thorpe 

Director, Spaceport Cornwall

Carla Uyeda

Entrepreneur, CHEF in Space, LLC 

Dr. Ivaylo Vasilev

CEO, Astrum Drive Technologies

Jonathan Volk

Senior Manager, In-Space Manufacturing & Advanced Materials, Sierra Space

Graham Wild 

Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales

Jeroen Wink

Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder, Dawn Aerospace