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Tuesday, November 27

Plenary Sessions

  1. Combined Title Slides
  2. Update on Global Commercial Space Economy

    Carissa Christensen
    Bryce Space and Technology

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  3. Creating Opportunities and Shaping the Future

    Mauro Piermaria
    Head Equity and Governance Affairs
    Italian Space Agency

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  4. Key Benchmarks in a LEO Economy

    Robert L. Curbeam Jr.
    VP – Business Development
    Space Systems Group
    Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems

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  5. Firefly and the Emerging Suborbital and Near Earth (LEO) Services Market

    Leslie Kovacs
    Vice President, Business Development
    Firefly Aerospace

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Nov. 27, Room 310A

Nov. 27, Room 310B

Nov. 27, Room 310C

Nov. 27, Room 320A

  1. Advanced Manufacturing – Materials
  2. Advanced Manufacturing in Space Testing and Manufacturing
  3. Advanced Manufacturing Benefits Using Manufacturing Op Intel
  4. Advanced Manufacturing Remote Services & Remote Monitoring

Nov. 27, Room 320B

Nov. 27, Room 320C

  1. Italian Advanced Manufacturing for the Space Economy
  2. Tech Conv – Wearables


Wednesday, Nov. 28

Plenary Sessions

  1. Combined Plenary Slides
  2. Role of Italy in the Global Space Economy
  3. ULA’s Transformation for A New Era of Space Accessibility

    Tory Bruno



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  4. Australia’s Gateway to Space

    Anthony Murfett

    Deputy Head

    Australian Space Agency

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  5. Indian Space Programme – A Partner to Nation Building

    Rakesh Sasibhushan

    Chairman cum Managing Director

    Antrix Corporation, India

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  6. Wearables to Monitor Astronaut Health and Performance

Nov. 28, Room 310A

Nov. 28, Room 310B

Nov. 28, Room 310C

  1. Biotechnology Breakthroughs

Nov. 28, Room 320A

  1. Smart Energy Remote Sensing Tech
  2. Smart Energy Cybersecurity
  3. Smart Energy O&G Exploration

Nov. 28, Room 320C

  1. Opps for Advanced Manufacturing & Agribusiness


NASA Center Theater Presentations

  1. NASA Innovations – Opportunities for Energy and Medical Industries
  2. Flight Opportunities
  3. Propulsion Testing and Innovative Technologies at Stennis Space Center
  4. NASA Innovations – Opportunities for the Advanced Manufacturing and Agribusiness Industry
  5. Partnership Opportunities at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  6. Doing Business with NASA Langley Research Center
  7. Software for Start-Ups Introducing NASA in Silicon Valley
  8. Data Capital in O&G
  9. Benefits of Partnering with the NASA Glenn Research Center