The SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit and Pavilion

Building on the success of the last three years, SpaceCom is taking an even deeper dive into the entrepreneurial world by creating The SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit.

The SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit (SES) will bring together early and mid stage startups with investors for a mentorship workshops, a pitch competition, and other activities to stimulate investment and growth in the commercial space sector.

The SES includes three key elements

  • The SES two-part workshop held on the mornings of November 27th & 28th
  • Show floor pavilion dedicated to startup companies, November 27th & 28th
  • Plenary session pitch competition finals and presentations of award to winning company, November 28th

The SES Workshop

This is a training program for 30 or so companies. Attendance is free for selected companies. To be selected, interested companies must complete a Business Model Questionnaire at the following link. Questionnaires will be reviewed by the Selection Committee and each company notified as to their selection. Each selected company will qualify for a free booth space in the SES Start-up Pavilion discussed below. At the conclusion of the workshop, the top 5 companies will be determined and they will be able to give a presentations to the plenary group of the full SpaceCom Conference on November 28th and the winner will be selected by plenary audience vote combined with the judging panel.

*Spaces for the workshop and competition are limited. Spots will be filled on a first come basis for qualified companies.

SES Start-up Pavilion

This is a 20×40 square foot pavilion on the show floor. All selected SES workshop participants are eligible for complimentary spot in the SES Start-up Pavilion.

Start-up companies that choose not to apply to participation in the workshop may still secure a spot in the pavilion. To qualify for inclusion in the Pavilion as a non-workshop participant, each company needs to meet the follow requirements:

  • Employee size up to 50 people
  • Minimum of 1 round of successful seed funding, but no more than $5 million raised
  • No more than $2 million in revenue
  • Significant Social Media and web presence

If eligible, each company qualifies for a booth in the Pavilion at a price of $500, which includes a 6-foot table, 2 chairs and electrical access. (A regular SpaceCom 10X10 space cost $3,800).

Plenary Session Award Presentation

On Wednesday November 28th in plenary session, a panel will review the 5 successful candidates from the SES Workshop and a winner will be determined. Among other things, the winning company will be set up with at least 3 investor meetings.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • The title sponsorship for the SES is $40,000
  • The sponsorship of the SES Workshop is $15,000
  • There are up to 8 seed sponsorship available at a price of $2,500 apiece


For More Information

Rich Hodge
SpaceCom Sales Manager
Phone: 703.706.8215

Alex Skeete
SpaceCom Account Executive
Phone: 703.706.8224