SpaceCom Entrepreneurship Workshop & Competition

December 4, 2017

SpaceCom will host a full-day workshop for start-up entrepreneurs to help them refine their business plan and pitch and provide insights on identifying investment sources. Investors and accelerators will participate as mentors and judges to select the most promising of the entrepreneurs’ proposals to be showcased throughout the SpaceCom 2017 conference program. SpaceCom attendees will participate in selecting the top entrepreneur who will receive a prize of $5,000. Special consideration will be given to start-ups whose proposals apply space technologies to terrestrial industries, including aerospace, medical, energy, advance manufacturing, maritime and agribusiness. The workshop and competition will be managed and facilitated by Stephan Reckie, Principal with Angelus Funding.


Prior to the workshop, entrepreneurs will be required to provide a Lean Business Model Canvas and prepare a preliminary pitch deck which is sent to SpaceCom by November 20, 2017.

Workshop Agenda:

  1. Review of Lean Business Model Canvas process
  2. Review of the Access to Capital Funding Tree
  3. Effectiveness in communicating with investors
  4. Q&A sessions on each topic above
  5. Breakout sessions moderated by investment professionals
  6. Final pitch session to all workshop attendees
  7. Top 5 start-ups are selected by a panel committee headed by Stephan Reckie and will include a venture capitalist, angel investor, strategic investor, and an accelerator representative. The selected start-ups will present to SpaceCom attendees throughout the conference program and again during the Investors Panel on the final day of the conference.

During the SpaceCom conference program:

  1. Each of the top 5 selected start-ups is given 90 seconds to make a speed pitch during the SpaceCom conference program. The exact date and time are to be determined.
  2. SpaceCom attendees will vote on their favorite start-up. There is consideration for two winners – one selected by a panel and the other by popular vote.
  3. The finalists will present again on Thursday, December 7, 2017 as part of the Investor Panel and the prize will be awarded. During this panel, examples of the questions and thinking regarding the winner would be discussed.

Participant fee structure:

Participants will need to enroll starting in June 2017. To receive updates and information prior to registration opening, please complete this form to join the mailing list.
Registration fee for the workshop and competition is $200 for start-up and investors. Start-ups will also receive up to 2 SpaceCom Full Conference badges