SpaceCom is produced by a collaboration of partners who bring widespread industry expertise, innovative strategies and authoritative accountability to its mission. We thank all of our partners for their commitment and dedication to the successful execution of this exciting event.

  1. Founding Sponsors

    Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and the leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. Additionally, Boeing designs and manufactures rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. As a major service provider to NASA, Boeing is the prime contractor for the International Space Station. The company also provides numerous military and commercial airline support services. Boeing provides products and support services to customers in 150 countries and is one of the largest U.S. exporters in terms of sales.

    The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) was selected by NASA in July 2011 to maximize use of the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory through 2020. CASIS is dedicated to supporting and accelerating innovations and new discoveries that will enhance the health and wellbeing of people and our planet.

    The Greater Houston Partnership’s mission is to make the Houston region the best place to live, work and build a business. Over the past 25 years, our membership, comprised of over 2,000 leading companies, has tackled the region’s most important issues that impact our community. Houston has enjoyed incredible growth, and the Greater Houston Partnership has played an important role, working to create jobs and advocating for a positive business environment that is conducive to growth and prosperity.

    Houston Spaceport_Houston Airports
    The Houston Airport System (HAS) provides a safe and dynamic air services network that fosters economic vitality for the transportation industry and the greater Houston region. The Houston Airport System strives to ensure that its employment, services, and facilities are accessible to the public, customers, and travelers.

    Jacobs, with annual revenues of nearly $13 billion, is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional, and construction services. Building strong, long-term relationships with our clients is the key to our success as a company. We offer full-spectrum support to industrial, commercial, and government clients across multiple markets.

    Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 112,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. The Corporation’s net sales for 2014 were $45.6 billion.

    MEI Technologies, Inc. (MEIT) is a nationwide technology company offering innovative, best-value services and solutions in systems design and development, applied engineering, cyber, and research and development to public and private sector customers in the aerospace, defense, and biotechnology markets. Our expertise spans numerous areas: engineering services & solutions, cyber & C4ISR solutions, space access, test and evaluation, and modeling & simulation. MEI Technologies

    Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance (Alpha Space) is a woman- and minority-owned spin-off company of MEIT serving the Materials Science community with on-orbit, real-time pure materials science research. Alpha Space’s developing program, MISSE, will provide unparalleled testing and data collection for both passive and active material samples in the extreme environment of low earth orbit with sample return to earth for post-mission processing.

    Orbital ATK is a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies. The company designs, builds and delivers space, defense and aviation systems for customers around the world, both as a prime contractor and merchant supplier. Its main products include launch vehicles and related propulsion systems; missile products, subsystems and defense electronics; precision weapons, armament systems and ammunition; satellites and associated space components and services; and advanced aerospace structures. Headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, Orbital ATK employs more than 12,000 people in 20 states across the U.S. and in several international locations.

    Satellite Applications Catapult is an independent innovation and technology company, created to foster growth across the economy through the exploitation of space. We help organisations make use of and benefit from satellite technologies, and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.


    Winstead PC is a national business law firm with over 300 attorneys in Texas and North Carolina.  The Firm provides a full range of business legal services to some of the most recognized and respected companies and academic institutions across the country and throughout the world.

    As a founding partner of SpaceCom, Winstead is a leader in the space technology industry.  We are highly focused in the allied fields of intellectual property, business organizations and finance for both established and startup companies working with clients involved in Aerospace, Biotechnology, Clean Technology, Communications, Energy, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Maritime, Medical, Nanotechnology and Transportation.  Winstead also has a nationally recognized banking and real estate practice, advising on credit financing for a variety of technology ventures.

    KBRWyle_We Deliver (002)

    KBRwyle — enhancing exploration, discovery, and operations in challenging environments for over 50 years through innovative integration of people, processes, and systems. From Earth to orbit, modeling and simulation to battlespace, and bench to bedside, KBRwyle transitions science and technology for transformational impact and mission success.

  2. Platinum Sponsors

    Houston Spaceport_Houston Airports
    The Houston Airport System (HAS) provides a safe and dynamic air services network that fosters economic vitality for the transportation industry and the greater Houston region. The Houston Airport System strives to ensure that its employment, services, and facilities are accessible to the public, customers, and travelers.


    Raytheon Company, with 2014 sales of $23 billion and 61,000 employees worldwide, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity markets throughout the world. With a history of innovation spanning 93 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems, as well as cybersecurity and a broad range of mission support services. Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham,

  3. Gold Sponsors


    Applying left-field thinking and next-gen technologies to business & societal challenges, Biodisruption® is pioneering human-driven, machine-assisted, and biologically inspired consultancy services. We believe that the data-powered fusion of the biological and the virtual, the natural and the artificial, will mutate the DNA  of all sectors and industries. Drawing on a multidisciplinary pool of international talent from the sciences, the tech, the engineering and the humanities, we are dedicated to help client organizations uncover and seize the disruptive opportunities coming their way.



    EOS is the world’s leading technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the area of additive manufacturing (AM). The company, which was founded in 1989, is a pioneer and global leader in the area of direct metal laser sintering, and also a provider of a leading polymer technology. For these industrial 3D printing processes, EOS offers a modular solutions portfolio that consists of systems, software, materials, as well as technical and AM consulting services. EOS is the partner of choice for industrial AM-based production, and provides long-term solutions for aerospace, defense, medical, automotive and lifestyle industries . Customers using these solutions are able to take advantage of light-weight structures, cost reductions based on functional integration, product customization and accelerated product development and production.



    Laser Light™ intends to deploy an All Optical Global Communications Network – HALO™. The service capacity of the planned HALO™ constellation of 8-12 Medium Earth Orbit satellites will be 7.2 Tbps,  comprised of 48 sat-sat 200Gbps optical crosslinks and 72 sat-ground 100Gbps optical up/down links, without reliance on regulated radio frequency spectrum.  Laser Light™ intends to interconnect its proposed HALO™ satellite system with over 100 customer Points of Presence clustered within 20 -25 SD-WAN’s across the globe . The HALO™ network – satellite and SD-WAN’s – will be cross-connected to Laser Light’s proprietary extended ground network and its patented operating system ensuring carrier grade service, enhanced redundancy, resiliency, and unprecedented security. HALO™ is designed to support its “SpaceCable™” suite of services – Global Access Circuits and its proprietary HALO™ Direct Connect service – to global enterprises, data centers, media, finance firms; carriers; and government entities.



    We dream of a nation that unites the world. A nation where learning is fun, entertainment is inspiring, and the entrepreneurial spirit is strong. A nation that sparks creativity and curiosity, a nation that belongs to everyone in the world. This is Space Nation – a nation where space flight empowers the future for all people. Through Space Nation, anyone in the world can train to become an astronaut and travel to space. Space Nation gives everyone a chance to participate in the new era of space exploration, to learn and train for a mission to space.




    With more than a century of combined heritage, United Launch Alliance is the nation’s most experienced and reliable launch service provider. ULA has successfully delivered well over 100 conventional satellites and 55 CubeSats to orbit that provide critical capabilities for troops in the field, aid meteorologists in tracking severe weather, enable personal device-based GPS navigation and unlock the mysteries of our solar system.

  4. Other 2016 Sponsors


    Aerojet Rocketdyne is an innovative company delivering solutions that create value for its customers in the aerospace and defense markets. The company is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader that provides propulsion and energetics to the space, missile defense and strategic systems, tactical systems and armaments areas, in support of domestic and international markets. Learn more about Aerojet Rocketdyne at and



    Axiom Space, LLC is a commercial space company dedicated to developing a robust economy in low Earth orbit and expanding the number of countries involved in human spaceflight.  The Axiom vision is to make living and working in space common place as a means to sustained deep space exploration.  Our goal is to develop, launch and operate an international commercial space station to follow the International Space Station when it is retired.  Our near term project is a large sophisticated module designed to support research, manufacturing, exploration, education, sovereign astronauts and tourists while attached to ISS.  The Axiom Module will allow a seamless transition of ISS users to a commercial platform, preserving the economy, by being relocated to the Axiom international commercial space station at ISS end of life.


    The Bay Area Houston Economic PartnershipBAHEP, is a member-driven organization that provides the leadership to stimulate regional economic development and employment.  Utilizing a collaborative committee structure, BAHEP engages approximately 270 investor companies, business professionals, local governments, and educational institutions in southeast Texas to bring about prosperity and a high quality of life for the 800,000 people who live and work in the region.




    FIRST® is a not-for-profit organization devoted to helping young people discover and develop a passion for science, technology, engineering and math, (STEM). FIRST® is a “Sport for the Mind”™ where young, innovative, and creative minds explore solving real-world problems and competing in an exciting hands-on robotics contest. It is an annual program of four groups, set up by age, culminating in an international robotics competition and celebration. SpaceCom 2016 will host the FIRST®  LEGO®  League, FIRST®  Tech Challenge, and FIRST®  Robotics Competition through FIRST®


    The Heinlein Prize® honors the memory of Robert A. Heinlein™, renowned American author. The purpose of the Heinlein Prize is to encourage and reward progress in commercial space activities that advances Robert and his wife Virginia’s dream of humanity’s future in space. Efforts include: the Heinlein Prize for Accomplishments in Commercial Space Activities, the Microgravity Research Competition, the Heinlein Commercial Space Activity Prize, the “Flight Into the Future” international contests, the Have Space Suit — Will Travel educational program, and the online Heinlein Archives.



    Intuitive Machines is a company that brings to bear a very unique array of talent, analytical services, and computational tools to solve significant challenges across multiple industries. By leveraging state-of-the-art engineering tools and practices, integrated with current research and advanced technologies we arrive at original outcomes. As an engineering design and development think tank, we provide products and solutions that employ a “flight proven” lean engineering development model. Our rapid iterative design-build-test capability significantly lowers development costs, and shortens the development cycle, while increasing the probability of success of any project.



    The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was born through the merger of three institutions, namely the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), the National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan (NAL) and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA). It was designated as a core performance agency to support the Japanese government’s overall aerospace development and utilization. JAXA, therefore, can conduct integrated operations from basic research and development, to utilization. In 2013, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its founding, JAXA created the corporate slogan, “Explore to Realize,” which reflects its management philosophy of utilizing space and the sky to achieve a safe and affluent society. JAXA became a National Research and Development Agency in April 2015, and took a new step forward to achieve optimal R&D achievements for Japan, according to the government’s purpose of establishing a national R&D agency.



    The McLennan County Spaceport Development Corporation exists to increase infrastructure and access other items needed to pursue space flight activities, which would include training, research, development, testing or manufacturing for the launch of spacecraft.



    Midland International Air & Space Port is the first U.S. commercial spaceport to be co-located with a major commercial airport. This provides access to modern terminal facilities and allows for easy access to direct flights as well as a growing metropolitan area with many amenities. The Midland Development Corporation can provide active business support and economic incentives for diversified companies that establish and retain jobs in the area. Texas’ regulatory environment makes the available sites at the Midland Spaceport Business Park a prime setting for office space, R&D and manufacturing. These collective benefits are attracting a growing cluster of innovative aerospace companies and a strong labor market of engineers and technical workers with transferable skills.



    Moon Express is a privately funded commercial space company blazing a trail to the Moon with low cost robotic spacecraft products and services specializing in operations in space and on or around low gravity bodies. The company is driven by the economic potential of lunar resources and the necessity to develop these resources for humanity’s future in space and on Earth.


    Oceaneering Logo

    Oceaneering‘s Advanced Technologies (ADTECH) group is recognized as an industry leader in enabling humans to work safely and effectively in harsh environments ranging from the depths of the sea to the outer reaches of space. ADTECH specializes in the support of manned systems and the development and application of practical, cost-effective robotic systems in multiple industries.

    ADTECH designs, builds, and operates unique underwater systems for the US Navy and provides life cycle maintenance services for Submarines and Deep Submergence Systems. ADTECH is advancing robotic technologies for in orbit satellite servicing and provides spacecraft life support systems to the aerospace industry. ADTECH is also an award winning leader in design, build and installation of theme park entertainment ride systems and provides intra-logistic solutions using AGV systems.

    ADTECH’s business areas are: Oceaneering Technologies, Marine Services Division, Oceaneering Space Systems, and Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, Oceaneering AGV Systems, and ADTECH Manufacturing Group. All business areas of ADTECH are ISO 9001 certified.



    At Paragon our passion is to support exploration in any extreme environment! We are a premier provider of environmental controls, life support services, and products for hazardous environments. We design, build, test and operate life support and leading thermal control systems and products for astronauts, contaminated water divers, and other extreme environment explorers, as well as for unmanned space and terrestrial applications. Paragon provides full service space flight support to our commercial, government, and private spaceflight customers. Proven capabilities include everything from design, and analysis, to flight hardware manufacturing and human rated testing.



    SCIS provides specialized security and fire services to the highly regulated Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Government and Nuclear industries. SCIS employs more than 12,000 security officers across the U.S. with over 90% of Aerospace/Defense officers holding a federal clearance. The SCIS Aerospace/Defense division focuses on protective services for the Federal Government and Government contractors. SCIS client partners include eight of the Top 10 Department of Defense contractors, and SCIS is the only security company to become a full member of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA). SCIS is a knowledge leader in security with solutions that fit each client’s unique needs and the specialized infrastructure to support operations.


    Spaceport Camden is a proposed vertical launch and landing base and Georgia’s access point to the commercial space industry, located in Camden County.
    Vision: To develop a successful world-class spaceport through a public-private partnership that establishes Camden County as the commercial Space Center of the United States.
    Mission: To create the premier spaceport strategically positioned to provide economic diversity with a competitive advantage for the space sector, Camden County and the State of Georgia and the United States of America.



    Founded in January 2015 by Ryan Holmes, CEO, SpaceVR is the world’s first virtual reality platform allowing users to #BeAnAstronaut and experience space firsthand from any mobile, desktop or virtual reality device. Through the use of 360-degree cameras, SpaceVR technology feeds footage from low earth orbit back to Earth so consumers can experience space travel in immersive virtual reality.


    SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets. SpaceX is a private company owned by management and employees, with minority investments from Founders Fund, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Valor Equity Partners. The company has more than 4,000 employees at its headquarters in Hawthorne, California; launch facilities at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California; a rocket-development facility in McGregor, Texas; and offices in Houston, Texas; Chantilly, Virginia; and Washington, DC.


    Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc. (SGT) provides award-winning, high-value engineering, mission operations, scientific, and IT service solutions to a wide array of federal government agencies nationwide. Founded in 1994 by Harold Stinger and Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, SGT is headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland with locations throughout the country. With the focus on our commitment to integrity, customers and employees – our ICE principles – we partner with our customers and teammates to deliver innovative solutions for today’s most challenging problems.



    TASC, an Engility Company, has been making space access and operations reliable and safe for our national security, defense, civil, and commercial customers for over 50 years. Today, TASC is building on that legacy to architect and sustain the space and ground systems needed for the challenging space environments we will encounter in the upcoming new era of human space exploration. Whether it’s helping customers meet “five 9’s” levels of availability for space communications and data, performing independent review of the mission-critical software for the International Space Station and the Orion interplanetary spacecraft, or providing mission assurance for a 99% success record of rocket launches for DoD and NASA, TASC is ready to help NASA extend humanity’s exploration of the universe.



    Vector is a space systems company focused on providing micro launches and micro space platforms to startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs. With state-of-the-art satellite software technologies, propulsion systems, and mobile launch vehicles, Vector is opening up a market of affordable, reliable, launches without the traditional high costs and long-lead wait times.

    Vector’s orbital capability and micro satellite launch vehicle make frequent, small satellite launches possible at numerous launch site locations. Under the direction of new-space and enterprise software industry veterans from SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, McDonnell Douglas, and VMware, Vector is leading the way in innovative technologies and aggressive program developments.



    Virgin Galactic is the world’s first commercial spaceline. Founded by Sir Richard Branson and owned by the Virgin Group and Aabar Investments PJS, Virgin Galactic aims to open access to space to change the world for good. Virgin Galactic is developing reliable, affordable, and frequent services both for human spaceflight and satellite launch. To launch the small satellite revolution, Virgin Galactic is developing LauncherOne, a flexible launch service for commercial and government-built satellites. LauncherOne rockets are designed and manufactured in Long Beach, California, and will be air-launched from a dedicated 747-400 carrier from various locations. To revolutionize human spaceflight, Virgin Galactic is testing the SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity, a reusable space launch system. The number of customers who paid to reserve places to fly on SpaceShipTwo is already greater than the total number of humans who have ever been to space throughout history. SpaceShipTwo and its carrier aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo, are manufactured and tested in Mojave, California by Virgin Galactic’s manufacturing wing, The Spaceship Company. Commercial operations will be based in New Mexico at Spaceport America, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport.

  5. Media Partners

    The Journal of Space Safety Engineering (JSSE) is a quarterly publication of  the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS). JSSE provides an authoritative source of information in the field of  space safety design, research and development. It serves applied scientists, engineers, policy makers and safety advocates with a platform to develop, promote and coordinate the science, technology and practice of  space safety. JSSE seeks to establish channels of communication between industry, academy and government in the  field of  space safety, and also covers  related  environmental issues.


    Manufacturing Today is the must-read trade publication for industry leaders. Through our print and digital publications, online presence, database and tradeshow portals, Manufacturing Today helps executives at the senior boardroom and production levels stay abreast of the most important operational issues in this dynamic market. Every issue focuses on best practices in areas such as customer service, supply chain management, environmental control, technology advancements and maintaining quality. Monitoring the fast-changing marketplace for manufactured goods and analyzing effective strategies for the most successful firms, these case studies serve as a benchmarking tool across the vast industry spectrum.



    New Space is the only international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the era of new space innovation. This groundbreaking publication facilitates the emerging multidisciplinary opportunities for space-based collaborations of industry, academia, and government agencies. Featuring world-class content that covers innovative and expanding applications at the intersection of space science, engineering, policy, and business, the Journal encourages the growth of rapidly expanding enterprises and products that will advance knowledge, benefit society and improve the way we live. New Space is the forum in which innovative applications of new space-based technologies and initiatives will be discovered, identified, discussed, and applied.




    For over 25 years, SpaceNews has provided decision-makers throughout the industry with timely and comprehensive space and satellite news, giving them the competitive intelligence they need to succeed. Whether it’s the latest trend in military space capabilities, the next space mission or breaking developments in satellite telecommunications, SpaceNews keeps them informed.


    Space Safety Magazine (SSM) is a quarterly print magazine and a daily news website,  jointly published by the International Association for Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) and the International Space Safety Foundation (ISSF). Space Safety Magazine is focused on safety related issues affecting space as well as safety on Earth from space events and objects. We regularly follows activities and threats in space debris and situational awareness, space weather and radiation impacts, nuclear safety, human spaceflight, launches, and reentries. SSM is highly international in nature, reporting on developments from around the globe, distributing content on multiple continents, and featuring an international staff.

  6. Supporting Organizations

    ACMA Logo

    The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is the world’s largest trade group representing the composites industry. ACMA is recognized as the premier provider of composites industry educational resources through its CAMX show, conferences, and Certified Composites Technician (CCT®) program. It is a timely source of business intelligence and analysis for the composites industry through Composites Manufacturing magazine, the ACMA website and e-newsletters. It serves its members and the industry by providing strong, proactive leadership in growing the composites market and technical, legislative and regulatory affairs.


    AMT – the Association for Manufacturing Technology represents U.S.-based builders and distributors of manufacturing technology – the advanced machinery, devices, and digital equipment that U.S. manufacturing relies on to be productive, innovative, and competitive. Located in McLean, VA, near the nation’s capital, AMT acts as the industry’s voice to speed the pace of innovation, increase global competitiveness and develop manufacturing’s advanced workforce of tomorrow. With extensive expertise in industry data and intelligence, as well as a full complement of international business operations, AMT offers its members an unparalleled level of support. AMT also produces IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show, the premier manufacturing technology event in North America.


    The Mexican National Chamber of the Manufacturing Industry (CANACINTRA), was founded by 93 businessmen in 1941. They reached their dream when founded the chamber that could represent them to develop the manufacturing industry sector. Today, CANACINTRA is international, with over 65 thousand members and 83 offices in Mexico and the United States, this becomes the largest industrial chamber of America.


    CAMX logo 2016

    Created by ACMA and SAMPE to connect and advance all aspects of the world’s composites and advanced materials communities, CAMX is an all-encompassing event. Regardless of the application – transportation, aerospace, marine, wind energy, software, construction and infrastructure, medical, academics, sports and leisure – CAMX is THE must-attend event for products, solutions, networking, business, and advanced industry thinking. CAMX features over 500 exhibitors, 8000 participants, and 300 conference education sessions and technical paper presentations. Register today for CAMX 2017 at



    Earth National LLC. Powerful, Adaptive Leadership at your Service. At Earth National, we help you build the future, a better future, driven by ambition and innovation, and aiming at the success you deserve. As your strategic consultants, we harness the power of knowledge, and source from years of experience to help you enhance your business and meet your goals. We’re headquartered in Houston TX, but our opportunities have no geographical boundaries. We channel and focus our efforts and expertise to preserve the environment, respect life, and protect nature. We are Earth National.


    Griffin Communications Group is a full-service strategic communications agency with unrivaled experience and expertise in the aerospace and related industries. As a stakeholder in the industries we serve, we seek to lend our unique capabilities to businesses that are pushing the envelope and making a difference. With a keen awareness of global marketing and communications trends, we strive to produce dynamic, cost-effective programs that deliver powerful results for our clients. Specializing in brand management, media strategies and crisis communications, we are committed to providing highly-effective, best-value solutions as a seamless extension of our clients’ team.



    Houston Technology Center is the hub for Houston’s technology startups. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, HTC has helped contribute over $600 million in annual economic activity, and created over 5000 jobs. Each day, HTC staff and mentors assist technology startups by developing successful business strategies, accessing seed capital, and gaining connections to key individuals or groups. HTC startups work in several key sectors: energy, information technology, life sciences, nanotechnology, and aerospace.


    The International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety is a professional association dedicated to furthering international cooperation and scientific advancement in the fields of space systems safety and sustainability. IAASS is a Permanent Observer at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). The association exists to help shape and advance an international culture of space safety (technical, organizational and socio-political) which  contributes to make space missions, vehicles, stations, extra-terrestrial habitats, equipment and payload safer for the general public, ground personnel, crews and flight participants.



    ISPCS is a dialog between speakers and audience. Together they capture the growth and diversification of the global commercial space industry in short powerful talks. Today, the impact of the commercial space industry exceeds all expectations. Its contractors, suppliers, government partners and entrepreneurs demonstrate broad, tangible added value to investors and taxpayers. It is the ongoing work of thousands of us, as we create demand for new space tech products and services that grow new markets. It’s people who create our products. It’s the people who make a difference. Meet them at ISPCS. Join us.


    The Maritime Alliance (tagline “Promoting BlueTech & Blue Jobs”®) is the non-profit organizer of the largest maritime technology (BlueTech) cluster in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world.  Its mission is to promote sustainable, science-based ocean & water industries.  To do this, The Maritime Alliance helps develop a regional and national Blue Voice by bringing together three essential parts of the Blue Economy – education/research, policy makers, and private industry.  It focuses on: Economic Development, Business Ecosystem Development, and National/International Outreach.


    The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) is the only national trade association representing all segments of the offshore industry with an interest in the exploration and production of both traditional and renewable energy resources on the nation’s outer continental shelf.  NOIA’s mission is to secure reliable access and a fair regulatory and economic environment for the companies that develop the nation’s valuable offshore energy resources in an environmentally responsible manner. The NOIA membership comprises nearly 300 companies engaged in business activities ranging from producing to drilling, engineering to marine and air transport, offshore construction to equipment manufacture and supply, telecommunications to finance and insurance, and renewable energy.



    The Technology Collaboration Center, an independent 501c3 non-profit, is a partnership between the NASA Johnson Space Center, industry and universities, with the mission of solving difficult technology problems by encouraging innovation and formation of new collaboration partnerships, utilizing diverse expertise from industry, academia and government, across technology sectors.  Through the TCC, organizations work together, share resources & technologies, solve difficult problems, and commercialize those solutions to multiple markets, with potential for faster-time-to-market and lower costs. As a member-driven organization, the TCC’s programs are focused on providing value to members and the community, evolving to meet member changing needs.


    The United States Energy Association (USEA) is the U.S. Member Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC). USEA is an association of public and private energy-related organizations, corporations, and government agencies. USEA represents the broad interests of the U.S. energy sector by increasing the understanding of energy issues, both domestically and internationally. USEA sponsors policy reports and conferences dealing with global and domestic energy issues as well as sponsors trade and educational exchange visits with other countries.  USEA also coordinates the participation of the United States in the WEC by nominating representatives to WEC activities, organizes the U.S. delegation to the triennial WEC Congress, WEC Executive Assembly Meetings and Regional Energy Forums. USEA members serve on WEC technical and study committees. In conjunction with the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of Energy, USEA sponsors our nation’s Energy Partnership Program.  Membership in USEA is open to all organizations having an interest in the energy sector of the United States.

  7. Event Producers

    The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (GHCVB) is the primary sales and marketing arm of the city of Houston and Harris County. The mission of the GHCVB is to improve the economy of Greater Houston by attracting conventions, tourists and film projects to the area through sales and marketing efforts.

    Houston First Corporation operates the city’s finest arts and convention facilities to position Houston as a world-class destination. Houston First manages more than 10 city-owned buildings, plazas and parking facilities. Properties include Miller Outdoor Theatre, Wortham Theater Center, George R. Brown Convention Center, Jones Hall and Hilton Americas-Houston. For more information, visit

    For 40 years, National Trade Productions (NTP) has produced trade shows, meetings and conventions that build communities and create powerful connections throughout the world. Leveraging a legacy of success in sales, marketing and event management, NTP’s face-to-face experiences enable the prosperity and profitability of its clients and the industries they serve.



    The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) was selected by NASA in July 2011 to maximize use of the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory through 2020. CASIS is dedicated to supporting and accelerating innovations and new discoveries that will enhance the health and wellbeing of people and our planet. To learn more, please watch this video.

    NASA’s Johnson Space Center has served as a hub of human spaceflight activity for more than half a century. As the nucleus of the nation’s astronaut corps and home to International Space Station mission operations and a host of future space developments, the center plays a pivotal role in surpassing the physical boundaries of Earth and enhancing technological and scientific knowledge to benefit all of humankind.

  8. Attending Companies



    3D PLUS USA, Inc. Southern Regional Sales Manager
    a.i. solutions, inc. Systems Engineer
    Advanced Research Concepts Physician
    Aerodyne Industries Team Mate Principal
    Aerospace Academy Program Coordinator
    Aerospace Medical Association Doctor
    Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) Assistant to the Editor in Chief
    Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) Executive Director
    AIAA Program Developer, Corporate Relations
    AIST Dr.
    All Points LLC VP/GM
    Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance, LLC President
    AMPAL Group VP
    AMT Manufacturing Technology Analyst
    Argosy University Doctoral Student
    Arundel Machine VP Sales
    Association for Manufacturing Technology Technical Director
    ASU/SESE Professor
    Aviation Week & Space Technology News Writer
    Ball Aerospace Director, Space Technology and Services
    Bastion Technologies, Inc. Bastion Training Instructor
    Bastion Technologies, Inc. Capture/Proposal Specialist
    Bastion Technologies, Inc. CEO
    Bastion Technologies, Inc. COO
    Bastion Technologies, Inc. Director-Oil & Gas
    Bastion Technologies, Inc. Sr. Director-Business Development
    Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership President
    Baylor College of Medicine Associate Professor
    Baylor University Assistant Vice Provost for Research
    Baylor University Vice Provost for Research
    Bigelow Aerospace President
    Blue Residium President
    British-American Business Council Executive Director
    BSA Patrol Leader
    Caelus Partners Managing Partner
    Caelus Partners, LLC Managing Partner
    Cal Poly SLO Mechanical Engineer
    Camden Board of Commissioners County Administrator
    CASIS President and Executive Director
    Coalition for Deep Space Exploration Executive Director Editor and Founder
    Consulate General of France in Houston Consul General
    Cooper Consulting Service Project Engineer
    Crane Modular Power Solutions Regional Manager
    CSRA Inc VP, Strategic Accounts
    Danish Aerospace Company CEO
    Danish Aerospace Company Sw Manager
    Deep Space Industries CEO
    Dell Technologies 1970
    Deltion Innovations CEO
    Docking Port Productions Producer
    Draper Laboratory Program Manager
    ECT Souriau Product Manager Space Grade Connectors
    Edge of Space Partner
    Embassy of France, and CNES Space Counselor and CNES representative
    EOS of North America, Inc. Business Development Manager – Aerospace
    EWI Technical Director
    FAA-Commercial Space Transportation Technical Advisor
    Federal Aviation Admin/VENESCO Research Physician
    Flexitech LLC Flexitech LLC
    FOMS Inc. Chairman
    Fort Wayne Metals National Sales
    FP40 Partnership Manager
    Frazer, Ltd. COO
    French American Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
    French Office for Science and Technology Deputy Scientific Attaché
    French Office for Science and Technology Dr
    Front Range Airport/Spaceport Colorado Air & Spaceport Director
    Fujitsu Glovia, Inc. Pre-Sales Consultant
    Fujitsu Glovia, Inc. Sales Executive
    FWF Logistics CFO
    FWF Logsitics Logistics
    GeoControl Systems Snr Eng Specialist
    GIS/ Remote Sensing Consultant Principal
    Glasgow Prestwick Airport Ltd
    Glasgow Prestwick Airport Ltd
    Glenair, Inc. Account Manager
    Glenair, Inc. Product Manager
    Glenair, Inc. Product Manager
    Greater Houston Port Bureau President
    Henry Ford Health System Dr.
    Higher Orbits Founder/President
    Houston Angel Network Managing Director
    Houston Public Media Sr. Producer, Houston Matters
    Houston Public Media News 88.7 Transportation Reporter
    Humanity Innovation Labs Preventive Health Strategist, Wearables
    ILC Dover Space Operations Business Manager
    ILC Dover, LP Engineering Manager
    Innovenate LLC Dr
    In-Q-Tel Dr.
    Institute for Human and Machine Cognition Research Scientist
    Institute for Research Assistant
    Iris Technology Corporation Director, Programs
    Iris Technology Corporation Iris Technology Corporation
    J&P Technologies President
    Jabil Circuit Sr Director
    Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Manager
    JAMSS America, Inc. President
    JAMSS America, Inc. Senior Advisor
    Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation Chief Engineer
    JAXA Director
    Jet Propulsion Lab Strategic Planner
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory Section Manager
    JETS/HX5 Engineer
    KBRwyle Group President
    KBRwyle Managing Director
    KBRwyle/NASA-JSC Engineer
    KHOU TV photographer
    LCD Concepts, Inc. VP
    Leidos Program Director
    LeoLabs CEO
    Lilly Chemist/Advisor
    Lockheed Martin Sr. Manager
    Lockheed Martin Systems Engineer
    Lockheed Martin Systems Engineer Sr
    M2 Global Inc. President/CEO
    M2 Global Inc. SR. Director
    Made In Space, Inc. CEO & President
    Maersk Manager, Marketing & Communications
    Marsh Sr. VP
    Mayo Clinic Consultant
    McLennan County Spaceport Dev Corp Business Development & Marketing Manager
    McLennan County Spaceport Dev Corp Sr. VP of Economic Development
    Md Anderson Genetics student
    MD Anderson Cancer Center Associate Vice President
    MEI Technologies CEO
    MEI Technologies Exec Director of Business Development
    Merck Research Laboratories Mister
    Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co. Market Development
    Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co. Regional Sales Mgr
    Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co. Regional Sales Mgr
    Moog Business Development Manager
    Moon Express CEO/Cofounder
    MRI Technologies Vice President
    NASA Associate ISS Program Scienctist
    NASA Asst. Dir. S&MA
    NASA Astronaut
    NASA Director, Human Health and Performance
    NASA Division Chief
    NASA Dr.
    NASA human computer interface technical lead
    NASA Manager, ISS Commercial Space Utilizatio
    NASA Partnerships Manager
    NASA Project Manager
    NASA Systems Engineer
    NASA University Relationship Manager
    NASA – JSC Electrical Engineer
    NASA / FP10 Program Manager
    NASA ARC Dir. of Partnerships
    NASA HQ Associate Administrator for HEOMD
    NASA International Space Station Mission Integrati Deputy Manager
    NASA Johnson Space Center Aerospace Engineer
    NASA Johnson Space Center Associate Director
    NASA Johnson Space Center Asst Director Tech & Mgmt Integration
    NASA Johnson Space Center Business Development
    NASA Johnson Space Center Chief Knowledge Officer
    NASA Johnson Space Center Director
    NASA Johnson Space Center Director, S&MA
    NASA Johnson Space Center Space Architect
    NASA JSC Deputy Branch Chief
    NASA JSC Deputy Director, Engineering
    NASA JSC NASA JSC SR&S Division Chief
    NASA JSC Senior Scientist
    NASA JSC Technical Manager
    NASA -JSC Deputy Branch Chief, Structures Branch
    NASA KSC Technical Mgmt Engineer
    NASA Strategic Partnerships Office Associate Mgr, Strategic Partnership Off
    NASA Strategic Partnerships Office Manager
    NASA Strategic Partnerships Office Manager
    NASA Strategic Partnerships Office NASA-JSC IP Manager
    NASA Strategic Partnerships Office Relationship Manager
    NASA Strategic Partnerships Office Relationship Manager
    NASA Strategic Partnerships Office Strategy Analyst Lead
    NASA Strategic Partnerships Office Tech Transfer
    NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Program Manager
    NASA/Johnson Space Center Division Chief
    NASA/JSC ISRU Capability Leader
    NASA/SSC Manager, Strategic Business Development
    National Space Biomedical Research Institute National Space Biomedical Research Insti
    National Space Society Author
    NCPA and ABA Member Model/Actor
    NewSpace Initiative, Arizona State University Research Scientist
    Niltronix Circuits President
    Niltronix Circuits sales
    Nimlok-Louisiana Consultant
    NLT Management Services, LLC NLT Strategic Planning and Development
    NM Space Grant Consortium Dr.
    Occidental Petroleum Upstream Technology & Innovation Advisor
    Oceaneering Space Systems Director, Business Development
    Oceaneering Space Systems Director, Innovative Solutions
    Oceaneering Space Systems Oceaneering Space Systems
    Oklahoma Air & Spaceport Executive Director
    Open Cosmos Ltd. Director
    Optimum Technologies President
    Optimum Technologies LLC Vice President
    ORBCOMM EVP, Technology and Operations
    Orbital Access Ltd. CEO
    Orbital ATK President
    Orbital ATK Vice President, Business Development
    Orbital Sidekick Co Founder
    PDL Solutions VP – North America
    Photodigm Inc Director
    PLANET VP Sales & Business Development
    Planetary Resources President & CEO
    PoliSpace Principal
    Prairie View A&M University Vice President & Dean Office of Research
    Proteus Geo
    Purdue University Professor and Head of Aero & Astro
    r3SpACE Consulting LLC President/CEO
    Range Generation Next Program Manager
    Raytheon Deputy, VP Space Systems
    Raytheon Sr. Customer Executive
    RESET To Grow CEO
    Residence Inn Marriott Director of Sales
    Rhodium Scientific, LLC Rhodium Scientific, LLC
    Rhodium Scientific, LLC Rhodium Scientific, LLC
    Rice Space Institute Dr.
    Rice Space Institute Graduate Student
    Rice Space Institute Graduate Student
    Rice Space Institute Graduate Student
    Rice Space Institute Program Administrator
    Rice University Dr.
    Rice University Professor
    Rice University Research Advisor for Industry Partners
    Rice University research scientist
    RS&H, Inc Spaceport Planning Leader
    SAIC Aerospace Engineer Principal
    Sam Houston State University Director, Collaborative Programs
    San Jacinto College Director-Aerospace Academy
    Satellite Applications Catapult
    Satellite Applications Catapult
    Satellite Applications Catapult
    Satellite Applications Catapult
    Schafer Corporation Sr VP Stategic BD
    SCIS President
    Scot Sat Ltd
    Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc. Business Development Manager
    Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc. Business Development Manager
    Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc. President, SCIS Aerospace & Defense
    Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc. VP of Technology
    Shea Writing & Training Solutions President
    Shell Exploration and Production Company Marine Scientist
    Sierra Lobo, Inc. Director of Research and Technology
    Sierra Lobo, Inc. Senior Research Scientist
    SK Scientist
    Soaring Hawk Productions, Inc. Chief Technologist
    Space Florida COO
    Space Foundation Director of Global Sales
    Space Foundations Director of Partnership and Member Svcs.
    Spaceflight Research, LLC Spaceflight Research, LLC
    SpacePharma SA Owner, Director
    Spaceport One Consultant
    SpaceVR Founder & CEO
    SSC – Swedish Space Corporation Business Development Director
    SSC Space VP, National Security Space Programs
    Stress Engineering Services Vice President
    Stress Engineering Services Vice President
    Swedish Space Corporation VP, Int’l Marketing
    Tamarack BD Enterprises CEO
    Technology Collaboration Center of Houston Executive Director
    Televisa Deportes International Correspondent.
    Televisa News Cameraman
    Televisa News Producer
    Televisa News Talent
    Tennessee Tech University VP for Research & Econ. Dev.
    Terra Bella Google, Inc
    Texas A&M Engineering Director of Industry Relations
    Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Interim Director, Corporate Relations
    Texas A&M University Distinguished Research Professor
    Texas A&M University Dr.
    Texas A&M University Ph.D. Student
    Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Vice President, Research and Outreach
    Texas State University Dr.
    The Boeing Company Global Sales & Marketing
    The Boeing Company Vice President & Gen. Manager
    The Climate Corporation Director of Geospatial Sciences
    The Tauri Group, LLC Managing Partner
    The University of Alabama in Huntsville Associate Vice President
    The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galvesto Professor
    Thermotron Industries Sales Analyst
    Thermotron Industries Sales Representative
    TIP Technologies Senior Account Manager
    TIP Technologies, Inc. Washington Ops
    Turner College and Career High School IT Teacher
    Turner College and Career High School Student
    Turner College and Career High school Student
    Turner College and Career High School Student
    Turner College and Career High School Student
    Turner College and Career HighSchool Student
    Turner College and Career HS Teacher
    Turner High School Teacher
    UAB Dean
    ULA Program Manager
    Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Vice Chancellor for Research
    University of Arkansas VPR
    University of Georgia Director, Innovation Partnerships
    University of Houton-Clear Lake Executive Director
    University of Michigan Associate Vice President
    University of Texas at Arlington Dr.
    University of Texas at San Antonio Associate Vice President
    Unotx Partner
    URTHECAST USA INC VP Government Programs
    USS -United Science & Soul
    UT Austin B.Sc.
    UTMB Ensign, USN
    Vector Space Systems CEO
    Vest Safety Medical Services MD
    Virgin Galactic Sr Vice President
    VisSidus Technologies, Inc. CEO and Founder
    Winstead PC Attorney
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute Vice Provost for Research
    World hall of fame network Vice Chief editor
    World View SVP of Stratollite Applications
    Wright State University MD
    Wyle Planetary Sustainability Coordinator
    Wyle Project Coordinator