The aerospace industry is very competitive domestically and internationally. Recent technological advancements make the industry even more exciting.

The cost of launch technologies has been reduced considerably by manufacturing efficiencies and the imminent prospect of the routine re-usability of the orbital class boosters

The number of launch service providers is increasing:

  • Congress and the Administration are supportive of developing a robust commercial space sector
  •  The weight and size of the payloads necessary to accomplish tasks in space have been reduced, further reducing the price per kilogram of launch
  • Venture capital and private equity markets are investing heavily because they now see a future of real returns within realistic time periods from space investments.

These changes and the business opportunities they represent have been the subject of SpaceCom in 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, the SpaceCom conference program focuses even more intently on the buying sectors for space-based services, reciprocal technology transfer between industries and business opportunities in microgravity environments. PLUS, we take a deep dive into the future marketplace being created beyond LEO in the cislunar environment. Your peers and competitors who have and will attend SpaceCom are being exposed to ideas and thinking that will give them a competitive advantage. Do not miss out!

SpaceCom is the nexus between space innovation and your company. SpaceCom creates an environment where aerospace executives and their terrestrial industry counterparts the medical, energy, maritime, agribusiness and advanced manufacturing sectors can explore the technological intersections that will help advance their businesses.

PLUS . . . SpaceCom will welcome 250+ NASA personnel looking for solutions to challenges they are facing. In addition, they want to explore engagement and partner opportunities with you.


  • “It means you can fly and re-fly an orbital class booster, which I the most expensive part of the rocket. This is going to be, ultimately a huge revolution I spaceflight.”
    Elon Musk, SpaceX March 30 2017 on the successful re-landing of its booster at Kennedy Space Center.
  • NASA satellite imagery combined with IBM’s Watson intelligence reduces water usage on grape vines by 16% improving the quality of the grapes for Gallo wine and reducing their cost to produce!
  • “The prospect of a lunar mission has several companies lining up to provide, not just transportation but also habitats, science experiments and even the ability to mine the Moon for resources.” The Washington Post, March 3, 2017



If your company is looking to collaborate with industry peers to generate fresh ideas that will propel their business to new heights, SpaceCom is for you! Enhance your capabilities and discover a new group of collaborators for building your business.